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dlc was born in 2005 in México City by founding partners;  María Domínguez Landa B. Arch and  Rafael López Corona B. Arch, with the vision of  creating  an  interdisciplinary  studio,  committed  with aesthetic and environmental principles.

Our company is specialized in 3 major areas:

architecture; ... architects, landscapers, designers and urban planners come together to conceptualize, design, construct and supervise every type of Project. Ranging from landscape to residental, corporate and interior design, and from retail to urban developments.

Our philosophy blurs the edges between design, architecture and landscape in order to integrate them into one  document, with technical, sustainable, construction and branding specifications.

design; ... consists on the creative and techincal process lead to come up with strategies involving graphical, useful and aesthetic expressions in any way... i.e. architecture, graphic and industrial design.

visualization; ..for us is not only a word, it represents a whole new way of thinking, either working with real state companies and architecture firms of worldwide recognition to developing images for our "in house" projects  we generate artistic images that always try to expand and accentuate the assets in every project.​ It is no about the image itsel, or how hyper-realistic it can look, in the end it is about connecting with the vision of the architect or client and representing accurately all of their intentions.

dlc is constantly collaborating with clients, developers and architecture firms of national and international recognition. some of our most important collaborations include renowned firms  such as; Colonnier y Asociados, Serrano Arquitectos, Foster and Partners, KPF New York, SOM and more.

dlc is always trying to place the user (private or public) as the main protagonist in all of our projects above aesthetic notions or architecture styles.   

© 2016 dlc. All rights reserved

© 2022 dlc. All rights reserved

María Guadalupe Domínguez L. B.Arch

Rafael López Corona B. Arch



Mónica Muñoz González B.Arch

Iliana Domínguez Galeana B.Arch

Alan Yair Mayorga Reyes B. Eng / Arch




Karla Martínez Seres B. Arch

Raúl de Dios Hernández B. Arch

Sade Renata Navarro Salcedo B. Arch

Humberto González Zamora B. Arch

Silvia Melis M. Arch



Héctor Villaverde Becerril B.Arch

Iztel Chávez Briseño B. Arch.

Ximena Hernández Granillo B. Arch

Arely Hernández Bernardino B.Arch

Uriel Mucientes Saucedo B. Arch

Jesús Nuñez Guadarrama B. Arch

Eva Nuñez Guadarrama B. Arch

Juan Pablo Martínez Romero B Arch

Ingrid Verònica Durán Ruíz B.Arch

Nicté Itzel Gómez Espinosa B. Arch

María Inés Gual Castanedo B.Arch

Ana M. Ramírez Lara B. Arch

David Vázquez Romero B. Arch

Andrés García Yerbes B.Arch

Luis Alberto Rodríguez Becerril B.Arch

Adriana Herrada León B.Arch

Luis Marquez Georgge B.Arch

José Agustin Hernández Cruz B.Arch

Rafael Medrano Pérez B.Arch

Lucinda Suárez Chávez B.Arch

José Alonso Trujillo García B.Arch

Sofia Veraza Beguerisse B.Arch

Denise Palacios Reyes B.BBA

Franco Anzures Tapia B.Arch

Sara Villanueva Struck B.Arch

Paulette Agami Gorenstein B.Arch

Associate partners:

Patrick Hernández Tracey M.Acch

Construction partner 

​Eduardo Frischwasser Levin M.Arch

nautica corporate offices, México City 


Susana García Fuertes B.Arch

paseo de la mujer, park in Monterey

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